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              時間:2008-02-24 瀏覽次數:2969

              劃價登記處 row the registration point of prices
              污物處理處the filth dealing with and getting along with ,
              急診外科the surgery of emergency call   ,   
              急診內科 department of internal medicine of the emergency call   ,
              主任辦公室director’s office    
              醫師辦公室doctor’s office ,
              護士辦公室nurses’ office    
              洗胃室 the room of gastric lavage    ,               
              小手術室 small operating room,
              治療室 therapeutic room       
              監護室 guardianship room   ,  
              搶救室 rescue room    
              值班急診電鈴 electric bell of emergency call on duty
              病房化驗室 ward laboratory ,
              血庫 blood bank       
              血液室 hematology lab ,   
              洗滌室 wash room        
              生化室 biochemical room ,
              免疫室immunity room       
              愛滋病初篩實驗室 ?                                   
              流行病實驗室the laboratory of epidemic disease     
              門診化驗室the laboratory of outpatient service     
              值班室 guards’ room ,
              抽血室 room of blood drawing  
              中醫一診室 a consultation of Chinese medicine       
              中醫專家門診 the expert outpatient service of traditional Chinese medicine                         ,
              內科專家門診the expert outpatient service of internal medicine ,
              專家門診 expert outpatient service,      
              骨科? specialized department of dept.of orthopedics
              外科門診 surgery                                     
              皮膚科專家門診the expert outpatient service of dermatological department medical                   
              性病? specialized department of the venereal disease ,
              皮膚性病? the skin academy of venereal disease ,
              性病?the academy of venereal disease
              心血管專家門診the pipe expert outpatient service of painstaking effort
              內科專家門診the expert outpatient service of internal medicine ,
              老年病專家門診aged ill expert outpatient service ,  
              外一科門診 outside a department outpatient service   
              換藥室 dressing room
              庫房warehouse ,
              婦產科專家門診 the expert outpatient service of gynaecology and obstetrics               
              婦科診室gynecology clinic
              治療室 treatment room   
              母乳喂奍咨詢 the breast milk feeding and consulting  
              婦產科手術室the operating room of gynaecology and obstetrics ,                                           
              內三科門診 3 department outpatient services     ,                                       
              外二科門診 2 outside department outpatient services ,                                 
              腸道門診 the outpatient service of enteron aisle

              經絡導平室 ?                                        
              兒科專家門診 paediatrics expert outpatient service   
              兒診二室 the child examines room 2                
              病理室 pathology room                                  
              門診辦公室the office of outpatient service

              干部保健內科診室 the cadre clinic of health protection of internal medicine   ,                             
              中醫內科專家門診 the expert outpatient service of traditional Chinese medicine of internal medicine ,                                 
              肝病骨質增生?liver ill bone hyperplasia academy                                  
              內二科門診2 department outpatient services ,                               
              內科診室 the clinic of internal medicine ,                                          
              內一科門診 a department outpatient service ,                                           
              內分泌疾病門診 endocrine disease outpatient service ,                                
              心腦腎疾病門診Heart brain kidney disease outpatient service

              美容手術室cosmetic operating room                   
              心電圖 electrocardiogram                            
              腦電流圖室 brain current picture room                  
              腹部B超室 belly department B super room

              兒童智能測定 child intelligent mensuration          
              康復運動訓練室 recover in the training room of sports  
              中西醫專家門診the medical expert outpatient service of Chinese and Western                               
              兒科專家門診paediatrics expert outpatient service                 
              胃鏡室 astroscope room                               
              動態心電圖室development electrocardiogram room       
              腸鏡室intestines mirror room ,
              彩超室 cai exceed room  
              功能科辦公室function department office

              護理部 nursing department                           
              護理示教室 nursing shows classroom                   
              眼科門診ophthalmology outpatient service            
              眼科專家門診 ophthalmology expert outpatient service  

              驗光室optometry room                                      
              五官科專家門診 facial features department expert outpatient service

              五官科一診室 facial features department a clinic     
              醫務部 medical department                           
              傳染病管理科the management department of infectious disease                                             
              醫療質量監控部 medical quality monitoring department
              康復治療室recover to treat room

              理療二室 2 physiotherapy rooms                      
              功能鍛練室function exercises room

              眼科A-B超室 ophthalmology A-B super room            
              微波治療室 microwave treatment room                   
              測聽室 measure to hear room                             
              眼科暗室ophthalmology darkroom                       
              五官科治療室 subject therapeutic room of facial features   
              激光室laser room

              纖維喉鏡室 fibre laryngoscope room                  
              推拿室 massage room 針炙室 acupuncture room        
              理療室 physiotherapy room

              普法辦 ?                                            
              計劃生育辦公室 the office of family planning         
              副院長室 associate director room                    
              團委辦公室 office of Youth League committee  
              院長室 director room                                  
              副書記室 associate secretary room                     
              健康教育室healthy educational room                  
              院辦主任室 courtyard office director room                      
              院行政辦公室 administration office of the institute

              文印打字室writing Indian typing room ?               
              檔案室 files room                                   
              黨委辦公室 the office of party committee             
              財務部 financial department     

              人事監察部 ministry of Supervision of the personnel
              工會辦公室 office of trade union                      
              工會副主席辦公室 vice-president’s office of trade union                                                     
              工會主席辦公室 president’s office of trade union      
              紅十字辦公室 the Office of Red Cross

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